OLD - Why CBD?

As an industry, we’re just beginning to discover and enjoy the broad benefits of CBD which can include:

A Clear Head

CBD does not undermine your focus or cognitive abilities.

Enjoy the benefits of CBD and test cleanly

Employers, social workers, parents, and those in recovery can have less worry about THC false positive results. Drug tests check for THC (the counterpart of CBD that creates the “high” feeling). If Ignite CBD is the only Hemp-based product you use, the likelihood of a positive drug test is extremely low. That said, as with all hemp products, there is a chance that consumption could trigger a positive drug test. Consult your doctor and/or employer if this is a concern.

Trouble Free

It's legal.

Products like Ignite CBD oil, which are extracted from industrial hemp, are legal to sell and purchase in the United States.

More Effective Delivery Methods

Inhalation triples the bioavailability of cannabinoids (the amount of a substance your body can actually absorb and use) compared to ingestion. If you are seeking quick effects (30 - 120 seconds), vaping is your choice. And, the effects are noticed for about 2 - 6 hours on average.

If you are wanting long lasting effects (8 - 12 hours), oral ingestion is your choice. Expect to notice the effects in about 30 - 45 minutes.